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Capt. William FROST, Jr.

Male Abt 1743 - 1801  (~ 58 years)

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  • Name William FROST 
    Title Capt. 
    Suffix Jr. 
    Born Abt 1743  Frederick County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 7 Apr 1801  Frederick [now Clarke] County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 

    • (1) Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt, Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988, pp. 137, 141:

      Dunmore's War 1774

      After John Connally, the agent of John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, Royal Governor of Virginia, took possession of Fort Pitt, he named it Fort Dunmore early in 1774. He attempted retaliation for the Indian outrages and on 10 June the Governor called out the militia of southwest Virginia under the command of Gen. Andrew Lewis. In August the militia of Frederick County under Maj. Angus McDonald raided the Indian towns on the Muskingum River. Lord Dunmore came to the frontier and called on the neighboring militia to join in the expedition against the hostiles. Before his forces could join those of Gen. Lewis, the Indians attacked the latter on 10 October. The Indians were soundly defeated at the battle of Point Pleasant.

      The following abstracts are taken from the records housed in the Archives Division of the Virginia State Library and in the Draper Manuscripts in the Wisconsin State Historical Society.


      Lt. Sigismund Stribling's roll:

      Sigismund Stribling, Lt.; William Frost, Ens.; Thomas Frost, Sgt.; . . . Isaac Frost; . . . Abraham Lindsey. . . .

      (2) Skidmore, Warren & Kaminsky, Donna, Lord Dunmore's Little War of 1774, Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 2002, pp. 57, 76-80:

      Lieutenant Sigismund Stribling's roll. [Frederick County, Virginia] He was paid ??42 7sh 6d for 113 days at 7sh 6d per diem.

      Ensign William Frost

      Sergeant Thomas Frost . . .

      Privates: . . . Isaac Frost [died on his way home from Dunmore's expedition]. . . .

      [Footnote: Lieutenant Stribling was born about 1740 in Prince William County, the son of William Stribling (1721-1740) and his wife _____ Massey of Frederick County. He went into the 12th Regiment of the Continental Army as a Second Lieutenant in 1776, was promoted to First Lieutenant on 10 May 1777, and in the following year was named a Captain in the 8th Regiment of the Virginia Line. He had the distinction of being one of the original members of the Society of Cincinnati in Virginia. Captain Stribling never married and died in 1816 at Hopewell in Frederick County, Virginia]

      * * *


      "At a meeting of the several Commisioners appointed to settle the Accounts of the Militia in actual Service in the late Expedition against the Indians under Lord Dunmore held at Winchester the 20th Day of October 1775. The said Commissioners proceeded to receive Claims." . . .

      Tuesday, 24th October 1775. . . . William Frost, Junior, a horse & saddle. . . .

      Thursday, 26th October, 1775. . . . William Holiday for advance to Lieutenant Sigismund Stribling; Lieutenant Sigismund Stribling for advances to the Colony; . . . James Gammell Dowdall for funds advanced to Lieutenant Sigismund Stribling for Country. . . .

      Monday, 30th October [1774]. To Simon & Campbell . . . for Advances to Lieutenant Stribling. . . .

      (3) MacDonald, Rose Mortimer Ellzey, Clarke County, a Daughter of Frederick, Berryville, VA: Blue Ridge Press, 1979, pp. 38-39:

      Reverend Alexander Balmaine, a native of Scotland, was a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. He first came to America as a tutor in the family of Richard Henry Lee at "Stratford." His first charge was the Parish of Augusta, extending from near Lexington, Virginia, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was an ardent patriot and served as Chairman of the Augusta Committee of Safety and was author of the "Augusta Resolves." He served the entire seven years of the Revolutionary War as chaplain, and for the last several years of the war was stationed with the garrison of Winchester. After becoming the Rector of Frederick Parish, he remained there until his death.

      In Dr. Balmaine's Journal is found a "List of Subscribers in the Congregation at Trap Hill, 1782-84." They are as follows:

      "Colonel Warner Washington, Robert Throckmorton, Francis Willis, Sr., Warner Washington, Jr., Francis Willis, Jr., R. Willis, William Frost [Jr.], Henry Whiting, Beverley Whiting, George Noble, William Booth, Fielding Lewis, Richard Eastin, John Milton, Nehemiah Garrison, John Smith, Thomas Noble, Philip Eastin, Jasper Bell, James Ware, Ephriam Garrosin, Joseph Hichman, Marquis Calmes, Benjamine Berry, Benjamine Sedwick, James Armstrong, Thomas Throckmorton, Locking Dorsey, George Calmes, William Hockman, Martin Ashby, Albion Throckmorton, Francis Stribling, and William Booth."

      (4) William FROST is listed in V. 1, p. 495 of the 1787 census of Frederick County, VA. Listed in William's household were 0 white males above 16 and under 21; 1 black above 16; 3 blacks under 16; 14 horses, mares, colts and mules; and 15 cattle. There is also a note in the census to the effect that William had a "stud horse."

      (5) Northern Neck Grants Book S, pp. 289-290:

      Warrant Dated 3 October 1787 to William Frost [Jr.] for 111 Acres of Land in Frederick County, VA:

      Edmund Randolph Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia To all to whom these presents shall come greeting Know ye that by virtue and in Consideration of a Warrant Species from the late Lord Proprietor's office of the Northern Neck, in consideration of the [illegible] Composition of fifteen shillings sterling paid by William Frost into the Treasury of this Commonwealth there is granted [?] by the said Commonwealth unto the said William Frost as Assignee of William White a certain Tract or parcel of Land Containing one hundred and eleven acres as by a survey bearing Date the ninth day of August one Thousand seven hundred and seventy-five lying and being in the County of Frederick joining Absalom Hayworth Joseph Bridges Benjamin Barret & James Bays on the Drains of Back Creek & Bounded as followeth to wit Beginning at two chestnut oaks on the North side of a ridge corner to Joseph Bridges [sic] sixty five Acre tract in Absalom Hayworths [sic] line. Thence along Hayworths [sic] line South sixty five degrees West one hundred and thirty six poles to a Locust stake on the North side of a ridge about half a pole from a corner white oak and a chestnut oak at the place where Hayworths [sic] corner should have been thence North twenty five degrees West seventy eight poles to a white oak on the West side of a hill in Hayworths [sic] line and corner to James Bays thence along his line South nine degrees west ninety four poles to a hickory and black oak sapling at the foot of a hill thence South twenty five degrees East one hundred and twenty eight poles to two pines and a white oak on the East bank of a bend of Babb's Creek at the foot of a steep hill [at] Bays corner thence leaving it North fifty eight degrees East twenty poles to between two black oaks, hickory & Spanish oak on the South side of a steep hill in Benjamin Barrets [sic] line thence along his lines North twenty two degrees West fifty two poles to a pine on a hill thence North seventy six degrees East one hundred and forty two poles to Joseph Bridges [sic] corner Chestnut oak in Barrets [sic] [line] thence along the lines of Bridges said Tract reversed North fifty two degrees West 60 poles to a pine thence North 65 degrees East 24 poles to a hickory thence North twenty five degrees West forty poles to the beginning With its appurtenances to have and to hold the said Tract or parcel of land With its Appurtenances to the said William Frost & his heirs forever [illegible] the said Edmund Randoph Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath hereunto set his hand and caused the [illegible] Seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the Third day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and eighty seven & of the Commonwealth the twelfth.

      E. Randolph

      (6) William FROST [Jr.] is listed in a 1790 personal property tax list of Frederick County, VA. Following is the information in the list relating to William:

      Date of Receiving Lists from Individuals: 15 June
      Names of Persons Chargeable with the Tax: William Frost
      Number of White Males above 21 Years: 1
      Blacks above 16:
      Blacks above 12 & under 16:
      Horses, Mares, Colts & Mules: 1
      Carriage Wheels:
      Ordinary Licenses:
      Number of Stud Horses:
      Rates of Covering Season:

      (7) Wm. FROST [Jr.] is listed in a 1800 personal property tax list of Frederick County, VA. Following is the information in the list relating to Wm.:

      Persons Names Chargeable with Tax: Wm. Frost
      White Males over 16: 1
      Slaves over 12 under 16:
      Slaves over 16: 2
      Horses etc.: 10
      Riding Carriages:
      Ordinary Licenses:
      No. of Studs:
      Rate of Studs:
      Amount of Tax: 2.08

      (8) Last Will and Testament of William Frost [Jr.] executed on June 16, 1797 in Frederick County, VA, proved June 6, 1801 in Frederick County, VA [Frederick County, VA Will Book 6, pp. 599-602]:

      In the name of God Amen I William Frost of Frederick County in the Commonwealth of Virginia do now make this my last will and Testament In the first place I subject all my Estate real and personal to the payment of my Just Debts.

      2dly I give Devise and Bequeath unto my Daughter Francis [sic] Hickman sometimes called Francis [sic] Frost and her Heirs and assigns forever all that Tract or parcell [sic] of land situate lying and being in the County of Frederick aforesaid upon Long marsh containing by Estimation Two hundred and eighty seven acres & three quarters more of [sic] less being the same land on which I now live and being the same land conveyed to me By Martin Baker & Elizabeth his wife of the county Hanover By Deed of Bargain and sale dated the seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty one which Deed is duly recorded amongst the Records of the said County of Frederick reference being thereunto had will more fully appear that there may be no Doubt as to the person above named, to wit my Daughter Francis [sic] Hickman sometimes called Francis [sic] Frost I do thus describe the said Francis [sic] Hickman she is a Base Born Child that I begat on the body of then Elizabeth Hickman widow of Isaac Hickman deceased which said Elizabeth is now the wife of Capt Peter Rust of the County of Frederick aforesaid to me the said Francis [sic] hath behaved as a dutiful & affectionate Child and cannot be dearer to me than She is.

      3dly I give Devise & bequeath to my nephew Isaac McCormick Son of Francis McCormick and to his heirs and assigns forever the one third part of a Tract of land lying in the County of Frederick aforesaid upon Babbs run the said one third whereof is supposed to contain One hundred and thirty three acres and one third of an acre and is that part now occupied by Jeremiah Wales. I also give unto and Bequeath unto the said Isaac McCormick for ever the sum of Fifty pounds current money of [sic] Payable out of my Personal estate.

      All the Rest, Residue and Remaining part of my Estate Real and Personal I give Devise and Bequeath to my said Daughter Francis [sic] forever being the said Francis [sic] described in the second section of this my Will.

      4 It is my will and desire that my negroe [sic] woman Judy who hath served me faithfully should be discharged from servitude immediately after my decease, when therefore that event happens I do hereby forever manumit and set free the said negroe [sic].

      5thly As to my negroes [sic] Tom & Jack, I request my Executor or Executors to bind them out to good Trades to serve untill [sic] they Respectively arrive at the age of twenty one years and when the said Negroes Tom and Jack have arrived at the age of Twenty one years I do hereby declare them free, and do hereby then completely emancipate them as if they never had been Slaves

      6thly I nominate constitute and appoint my Friends John Milton and Archibald Magill of the said County of Frederick Executors of this my last will and Testament and do give unto my said Executors or unto the one thereof who undertakes the carrying into effect this will every power which I can Legally transfer to them. I do also constitute & appoint my said Executors Guardian to my said Child Francis [sic] described in the second Section of this my last will their power to cease when She arrives at the age of Twenty one or marriage.

      And I do hereby revoke all and every will and wills by me heretofore made and I do declare this to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this sixteenth day of June in the year one thousand seven hundred & ninety Seven.

      William Frost [Seal]

      Signed sealed published delivered pronounced & declared by the said William Frost in our presence to be his last will and Testament and at the request of the William Frost in his presence and in the presence of each other we have subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto.

      John Butler
      Henry G. Luddington
      Elijah Quinn

      (9) Kangas & Payne, Frederick County, Virginia-Wills & Administrations 1795-1816, Will Book 6, pp. 603-605:

      Request for attestation. 1 June 1801

      Request for Commonwealth of Va. to Mayor of City of Baltimore, Md., to procure attestation signing and witnessing of will of William Frost by Henry G. Luddington, by Clerk of Frederick Co., Va. Court.

      Id., p. 605:

      Affidavit of witness. 6 June 1801
      Certification of attestation as witness by Henry G. Luddington.

      Exrs. refused to act. Letters of administration issued with will attached to Bushrod Taylor.

      Id., Will Book No. 7, 1802-1804, pp. 183-186:

      Appraisal & Sale Acct. 14-18 Aug 1801/2 Jan 1804
      Appraisers: Thomas Stribling, Thomas Hennon, William Castleman, Thomas Neill

      Id., p. 187:

      Account current. 2 Jan 1804
      Admr: Bushrod Taylor
      Examiners: Warner Washington, Thomas Stribling

      (10) Chalkley, Lyman, The Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: 1745 to 1800 [Reprint, Originally Published, 1912], Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980 <>, Vol. II, pp. 133-134:

      Frost vs. Frost's Administrator - O. S. 162; N. S. 57 - Orator, Abraham Frost of Frederick County, son of William Frost, Sr., who died testate in Frederick, devising land to Abraham and his brother Isaac. Isaac died 1774 intestate, leaving (beside orator) two other brothers, viz: Thomas and William. In 1795 William had a nephew, Isaac McCormick. William died in 1800, testate. Isaac Frost died before his father, who died 1775. John Frost, another devisee of Wm. Sr., died 1777. Answer by Mitcham C. Repass and Frances, his wife, a child and devisee of William Frost, deceased, Jr. Thomas Frost deposes at tavern of Griffith Yeatman's in Cincinnati, May, 1803, aged 58 years; son of William Frost, Sr., who died 1775 (his will dated 25th August, 1774). John Frost died 1777. Sigismund Stribbling, aged 63, deposes in Winchester, 5th June, 1810. Isaac Frost was out with deponent in Dunmore's Expedition in 1774, and died in fall of that year coming in home. William Frost was with him. John Lindsey, aged 64, deposed ditto. Andrew McCormick, aged 63 or 64, deposed ditto. Jacob Larue and George Rust live in Kentucky in 1807. William Frost's will of Frederick County: Daughter, Frances Hickman, sometimes called Frances Frost; tract conveyed to William by Martin Baker and Elizabeth, his wife, of Hanover County, by deed, 17th September, 1781. Frances is a base-born child, begotten by William on Elizabeth Hickman, widow of Isaac Hickman, Elizabeth being now the wife of Capt. Peter Rust of Frederick; nephew, Isaac McCormick, son of Francis McCormick, dated 16th June, 1797; proved June (May), 1801, in Frederick. William Frost of Frederick, will: Sons, William, John, Thomas, Isaac, Abraham; daughters, Frances, Elizabeth, Martha, Ellen, Anna. Devisees Jacob and Amos Frost: Wife, Hannah; daughters, Mary (wife of Jacob Larew), and Hannah, wife of John Mason. Dated 25th August, 1774; recorded 7th May, 1776. Deed by Benj. Berry and Thomas McCormick and Anne, his wife, to Robert Dunlap, recorded in Winchester District Court. 398 acres included in a patent 17th November, 1752, by Fairfax to Wm. Frost. Deed 24th February, 1795, by Thomas Frost and William Frost and Elizabeth Frost, wife of Thomas, to Benj. Berry and Thos. McCormick. Recorded in Berkeley County, 24th February, 1795.

      Id., pp. 504-505:

      August 4th [1779], . . . William Frost, recommended Captain. . . .

      March 8th [1780], . . . William Frost, qualified Captain. . . .

      [Note by compiler: Chalkley is not without its problems, as Daphne Gentry of the Publications and Educational Division of the Library of Virginia has pointed out. (See Not all documents are included. There are not only errors of omission, but errors of transcription have also been documented. This simply means that the careful researcher should send for a copy of the original document, as with any secondary source, and should not assume that because it doesn't appear in Chalkley it does not exist.]

      (11) According to the Henley Marriage & Obituary Database, available at, the obituary of Capt. William Frost [Jr.] appeared in the Winchester Gazette [Winchester, VA] on Wednesday, April 15, 1801 at page 3, column 2. According to this database, Capt. William Frost [Jr.] died on Thursday, April 7, 1801 in the 57th year of his age.
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    Father William FROST, Sr.,   b. Abt 1710,   d. 1775, Frederick [now Clarke] County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 65 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Hannah (FROST),   b. Between 1712 and 1714,   d. Frederick [now Clarke] County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Relationship natural 
    Married Abt 1738 
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    Family Elizabeth (HICKMAN),   b. Abt 1766 
     1. Frances HICKMAN,   b. Abt 1781  [natural]
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