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Fayette County, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIERI, Magdalena  3 Jan 1732Fayette County, PA I40580
2 BREWER, Benjamin  27 Jan 1796Fayette County, PA I42403
3 BROWNFIELD, Lydia  Abt 1798Fayette County, PA I25894
4 CHERRY, Rachel  17 Jun 1774Fayette County, PA I641
5 COCHENOUR, Elizabeth  1790Fayette County, PA I40639
6 DEARTH, Catherine  13 May 1832Fayette County, PA I30043
7 DeFORD, Amanda  Abt 1832Fayette County, PA I25932
8 DeFORD, Nathan Brownfield  16 Aug 1823Fayette County, PA I25931
9 FROST, Albert  Abt 1862Fayette County, PA I14813
10 FROST, Benton Dearth  17 Jul 1866Fayette County, PA I30038
11 FROST, Daniel Orval  20 May 1865Fayette County, PA I14815
12 FROST, James  1755Fayette County, PA I30046
13 FROST, Jesse Lewis  1797Fayette County, PA I30044
14 FROST, John Orlando  22 May 1858Fayette County, PA I14809
15 GREEN, Miriam  1756Fayette County, PA I30047
16 HOSTETLER, Nancy Ellen  8 Jul 1864Fayette County, PA I30037
17 HUNSAKER, Benjamin Franklin Sr.  6 Dec 1795Fayette County, PA I40650
18 HUNSAKER, George B.  12 Mar 1786Fayette County, PA I40638
19 HUNSAKER, Henry  1779Fayette County, PA I40631
20 HUNSAKER, John  1790Fayette County, PA I40641
21 HUNSAKER, John William Sr.  1794Fayette County, PA I40649
22 HUNSAKER, Katherine  6 Oct 1792Fayette County, PA I40642
23 HUNSAKER, Mary  23 Mar 1795Fayette County, PA I40746
24 HUNSAKER, Rebecca  1799Fayette County, PA I40651
25 HUNSAKER, Sarah  1797Fayette County, PA I40645
26 KIMBER, Robert S.  1801Fayette County, PA I25542
27 LINCH, Philip  Abt 1782Fayette County, PA I13619
28 LINCH, William  Abt 1784Fayette County, PA I13616
29 MASON, Samuel F.  18 Jan 1800Fayette County, PA I292
30 MEASON, Hannah  1 Jan 1782Fayette County, PA I636
31 MEASON, Isaac  20 Nov 1773Fayette County, PA I642
32 MEASON, John  26 Mar 1795Fayette County, PA I26867
33 MEASON, Ralph  29 Sep 1797Fayette County, PA I26876
34 MILLER, William Irwin  27 Feb 1830Fayette County, PA I14818
35 MOSER, Susannah  1766Fayette County, PA I40662
36 VANCE, Moses  23 Jul 1824Fayette County, PA I40562


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (WILEY), Margaret  Aft 3 Feb 1815Fayette County, PA I14526
2 BIERI, Magdalena  8 Sep 1796Fayette County, PA I40580
3 DeFORD, Amanda  20 Jun 1833Fayette County, PA I25932
4 DeFORD, John  Abt 1815Fayette County, PA I25895
5 FROST, Hannah  14 Mar 1811Fayette County, PA I260
6 FROST, James  16 Sep 1834Fayette County, PA I30046
7 FROST, Jesse Lewis  1869Fayette County, PA I30044
8 FROST, William  16 Dec 1831Fayette County, PA I29885
9 GIBBONS, Mary  14 Oct 1864Fayette County, PA I14923
10 HARDIN, Hannah  28 Dec 1784Fayette County, PA I10502
11 HARRISON, Catherine  1824Fayette County, PA I14598
12 HONSAKER, Nicholas  1843Fayette County, PA I40603
13 HOOVER, Catherine  9 Mar 1817Fayette County, PA I25652
14 HOSTETLER, Bartholomew  13 Aug 1907Fayette County, PA I30008
15 HOSTETLER, Catherine  1890Fayette County, PA I30006
16 HOSTETLER, Daniel  30 Jul 1873Fayette County, PA I14922
17 HOSTETLER, Jesse Samuel  19 Feb 1923Fayette County, PA I30007
18 HOSTETLER, John  1911Fayette County, PA I30009
19 HOSTETLER, Nicholas Samuel Jr.  27 Nov 1856Fayette County, PA I30015
20 HUNSAKER, Barbara  1788Fayette County, PA I40637
21 LYONS, Mary  Bef 12 Sep 1829Fayette County, PA I13608
22 MEASON, Isaac  25 Jan 1818Fayette County, PA I14597
23 MEASON, John  2 Aug 1805Fayette County, PA I656
24 MILLER, William Irwin  13 May 1871Fayette County, PA I14818
25 PIERCE, Philip  Bef 18 Oct 1821Fayette County, PA I13609
26 PORTER, Gabriel McKenzie  20 Apr 1842Fayette County, PA I29912
27 VANCE, Hannah  1817Fayette County, PA I14581
28 WILEY, Matthew  Aft 3 Feb 1815Fayette County, PA I14525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Codicil    Person ID 
1 FROST, Isaiah  9 Nov 1848Fayette County, PA I7278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 FROST, Isaiah  17 Nov 1848Fayette County, PA I7278
2 LYONS, Mary  12 Sep 1829Fayette County, PA I13608
3 PIERCE, Philip  18 Oct 1821Fayette County, PA I13609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 FROST, Isaiah  9 Oct 1847Fayette County, PA I7278
2 LYONS, Mary  15 Sep 1828Fayette County, PA I13608
3 PIERCE, Philip  9 Jun 1821Fayette County, PA I13609


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHERRY / MASON  1794Fayette County, PA F1006
2 DeFORD / BROWNFIELD  Aft 30 Nov 1815Fayette County, PA F11311
3 FROST / COULTER  Between 1841 and 1842Fayette County, PA F6681
4 FROST / GREEN  1772Fayette County, PA F13080
5 FROST / HOSTETLER  15 Jul 1886Fayette County, PA F13076
6 MASON / MEASON  20 Jan 1799Fayette County, PA F1004
7 MILLER / FROST  16 Apr 1851Fayette County, PA F6679
8 SALTER / MASON  Fayette County, PA F1008