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Jefferson County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (PARK), Ida Belle  Mar 1877Jefferson County, IN I6084
2 ANDERSON, Eliza Jane  25 Jun 1836Jefferson County, IN I6093
3 ANDERSON, James S.  Abt 1839Jefferson County, IN I6095
4 ANDERSON, John Brookie  Abt 1829Jefferson County, IN I6107
5 ANDERSON, Mary Katherine  Abt 1845Jefferson County, IN I6098
6 ANDERSON, Robert  Abt 1842Jefferson County, IN I6097
7 ANDERSON, Thomas  Abt 1840Jefferson County, IN I6096
8 ANDERSON, William F.T.  Abt 1847Jefferson County, IN I6100
9 COCHRAN, Alexander  Abt 1828Jefferson County, IN I6157
10 COCHRAN, Eliza J.  26 Mar 1833Jefferson County, IN I6163
11 COCHRAN, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1833Jefferson County, IN I6160
12 COCHRAN, James  Abt 1831Jefferson County, IN I6158
13 COCHRAN, Margaret C.  10 Feb 1838Jefferson County, IN I6165
14 COCHRAN, Moses Arnott  Abt 1872Jefferson County, IN I6175
15 COCHRAN, Thomas  17 Jun 1826Jefferson County, IN I6155
16 CROSBY, Alexander Cochran  Abt 1867Jefferson County, IN I6171
17 CROSBY, Bertha  Jefferson County, IN I6219
18 CROSBY, Ginnie Barbara  Abt 1862Jefferson County, IN I6170
19 CROSBY, Joseph Wiley  Abt 1858Jefferson County, IN I6169
20 CROSBY, Margaret  Jefferson County, IN I6217
21 CROSBY, William Anderson  Abt 1869Jefferson County, IN I6172
22 CROSBY, William H.  24 Dec 1829Jefferson County, IN I6164
23 GILCHRIST, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1828Jefferson County, IN I2661
24 GILCHRIST, James  Abt 1832Jefferson County, IN I2665
25 GILCHRIST, Jennet  16 Jun 1835Jefferson County, IN I2669
26 GILCHRIST, Thomas  14 Apr 1839Jefferson County, IN I16
27 HANNAH, Elizabeth  Abt 1872Jefferson County, IN I6090
28 HANNAH, Joseph Park  Abt 1871Jefferson County, IN I6089
29 HANNAH, Sarah Jane  Abt 1866Jefferson County, IN I6088
30 HANNAH, William Thomas  Abt 1869Jefferson County, IN I6087
31 MATTHEWS, Archibald  22 Jan 1821Jefferson County, IN I6161
32 McCARTY, Lydia Ann  22 Mar 1819Jefferson County, IN I27961
33 PARK, Alexander Irvin  Feb 1854Jefferson County, IN I6063
34 PARK, AnnAnna  28 Sep 1868Jefferson County, IN I6077
35 PARK, Elizabeth Jennet  1849Jefferson County, IN I6061
36 PARK, Ellen  Abt 1858Jefferson County, IN I6065
37 PARK, Grace  Dec 1831Jefferson County, IN I6085
38 PARK, James Andrew  12 Feb 1845Jefferson County, IN I6092
39 PARK, Jane  1844Jefferson County, IN I6060
40 PARK, John  22 Feb 1822Jefferson County, IN I6071
41 PARK, John Alexander  Abt 1855Jefferson County, IN I6074
42 PARK, Joseph  27 Jan 1833Jefferson County, IN I6091
43 PARK, Joseph  Abt 1871Jefferson County, IN I6078
44 PARK, Laura Reed  Abt 1857Jefferson County, IN I6075
45 PARK, Margaret Jane  13 Nov 1862Jefferson County, IN I6076
46 PARK, Margaret Jane  Jan 1869Jefferson County, IN I6081
47 PARK, Margaret Reid  May 1851Jefferson County, IN I6062
48 PARK, Mary Grace  Abt 1855Jefferson County, IN I6064
49 PARK, Moses Arnot  6 Jun 1860Jefferson County, IN I6066
50 PARK, Robert  Abt 1828Jefferson County, IN I6079

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (ANDERSON), ---  Abt 1820Jefferson County, IN I6101
2 (HALL), Sarah  Feb 1851Jefferson County, IN I25434
3 (TAYLOR), Nancy  26 Sep 1864Jefferson County, IN I19223
4 ANDERSON, James  18 Aug 1819Jefferson County, IN I6313
5 ANDERSON, James S.  23 Oct 1842Jefferson County, IN I6095
6 ANDERSON, JaneJean  2 Aug 1867Jefferson County, IN I6315
7 ANDERSON, Margaret  21 Dec 1884Jefferson County, IN I6317
8 ANDERSON, Thomas Sr.  16 Feb 1822Jefferson County, IN I28
9 ANDERSON, Thomas  30 Oct 1842Jefferson County, IN I6096
10 BAIN, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1874Jefferson County, IN I6053
11 BECK, Elizabeth  17 Nov 1821Jefferson County, IN I27
12 CARNINE, Allen  15 Apr 1894Jefferson County, IN I27960
13 COCHRAN, Alexander  12 Sep 1835Jefferson County, IN I6157
14 COCHRAN, Alexander  4 Dec 1876Jefferson County, IN I6318
15 COCHRAN, Elizabeth  21 Oct 1914Jefferson County, IN I6160
16 COCHRAN, James  Abt 1913Jefferson County, IN I6158
17 COCHRAN, Margaret C.  11 Jul 1838Jefferson County, IN I6165
18 COCHRAN, Moses Arnott  Abt 1958Jefferson County, IN I6175
19 COCHRAN, William  4 Nov 1902Jefferson County, IN I6162
20 CROSBY, Margaret  Jefferson County, IN I6217
21 CROSBY, William H.  7 Sep 1926Jefferson County, IN I6164
22 DOUGLAS, Ellen  24 Jan 1838Jefferson County, IN I19205
23 GILCHRIST, Elizabeth  17 Jan 1835Jefferson County, IN I2661
24 HAY, William  12 Oct 1849Jefferson County, IN I19211
25 IMMEL, Emma J.  1932Jefferson County, IN I25425
26 LOCKRIDGE, Samuel  1932Jefferson County, IN I25424
27 LOCKRIDGE, William  Bef 20 Jan 1830Jefferson County, IN I25435
28 MATTHEWS, Archibald  7 Mar 1857Jefferson County, IN I6161
29 McCARTY, Lydia Ann  8 Oct 1862Jefferson County, IN I27961
30 MORTON, Elizabeth  Jefferson County, IN I6056
31 PARK, Alexander  9 Sep 1879Jefferson County, IN I6052
32 PARK, Mary Grace  7 May 1860Jefferson County, IN I6064
33 PARK, Moses Arnot  7 Oct 1865Jefferson County, IN I6066
34 PARK, Robert  15 Apr 1888Jefferson County, IN I6079
35 PARK, Samuel  8 Dec 1921Jefferson County, IN I6055
36 PARK, William  8 Jul 1872Jefferson County, IN I6051
37 PARK, William B.  May 1872Jefferson County, IN I6073
38 REED, Elizabeth M.  Mar 1871Jefferson County, IN I6072
39 REID, Margaret  23 Mar 1854Jefferson County, IN I19227
40 SPEAR, Ann  17 May 1878Jefferson County, IN I19210
41 TAYLOR, Ann H.  8 Oct 1874Jefferson County, IN I19208
42 TAYLOR, Jane Ann  4 Sep 1845Jefferson County, IN I19202
43 TAYLOR, Robert  3 Dec 1848Jefferson County, IN I19199
44 TAYLOR[?], Thomas  11 Apr 1860Jefferson County, IN I19222
45 TRAVER, Lucinda  1869Jefferson County, IN I25427
46 UNDERWOOD, Delila  6 May 1829Jefferson County, IN I25431


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 HAY, William  17 Jul 1849Jefferson County, IN I19211


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / BAIRD  31 Oct 1833Jefferson County, IN F3271
2 ANDERSON / BROOKIE  17 Jul 1821Jefferson County, IN F3268
3 ARBUCKLE / McNEELY  28 Jan 1841Jefferson County, IN F10230
4 CARNINE / McCARTY  14 Aug 1834Jefferson County, IN F12194
5 COCHRAN / ANDERSON  7 Mar 1822Jefferson County, IN F3270
6 COCHRAN / CROSBY  Jefferson County, IN F3209
7 COCHRAN / MORTON  Jefferson County, IN F3211
8 ECKERT / MAGERS  27 May 1922Jefferson County, IN F11068
9 ECKERT / YIESLA  12 Nov 1939Jefferson County, IN F11069
10 GILCHRIST / ANDERSON  13 Aug 1826Jefferson County, IN F715
11 HALL / (LOCKRIDGE)  20 Jan 1830Jefferson County, IN F11104
12 HANNAH / PARK  Abt 1865Jefferson County, IN F3184
13 LOCKRIDGE / McCARTY  22 Jan 1833Jefferson County, IN F11102
14 PARK / (PARK)  Abt 1897Jefferson County, IN F3183
15 PARK / BAIN  20 Jun 1839Jefferson County, IN F3178
16 PARK / BEARD  29 Mar 1866Jefferson County, IN F3222
17 PARK / MANN  28 Dec 1842Jefferson County, IN F3180
18 PARK / MORTON  21 Nov 1878Jefferson County, IN F3179
19 PARK / REED  Abt 1852Jefferson County, IN F3181
20 PARK / REED  Abt 1868Jefferson County, IN F3182
21 PARKER / ANDERSON  17 Aug 1854Jefferson County, IN F3185
22 WEISENBACH / YIESLA  15 May 1971Jefferson County, IN F11070

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 GILCHRIST / ANDERSON  13 Aug 1826Jefferson County, IN F715