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Anderson County, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, John Allen  1805Anderson County, TN I32848
2 AUSTIN, Thomas Hezekiah  28 Jul 1818Anderson County, TN I14401
3 CHILES, Elizabeth  18 May 1797Anderson County, TN I36439
4 CHILES, Mary  8 May 1827Anderson County, TN I36542
5 CHILES, Sarah  6 Jan 1829Anderson County, TN I36495
6 CHILES, William Micajah Jr.  12 Sep 1830Anderson County, TN I36543
7 COGDILL, Elizabeth Jane  1811Anderson County, TN I47027
8 DUNCAN, Elijah  19 Apr 1825Anderson County, TN I36488
9 DUNCAN, Elizabeth Ann  16 Mar 1816Anderson County, TN I36482
10 DUNCAN, Jacob  19 Apr 1825Anderson County, TN I36487
11 DUNCAN, Juanna  Abt 1818Anderson County, TN I36484
12 DUNCAN, Nancy  15 Jan 1815Anderson County, TN I36483
13 DUNCAN, Sarah L.  Abt 1820Anderson County, TN I36485
14 DUNCAN, William Wilson  Abt 1821Anderson County, TN I36486
15 FROST, Archibald Brooks  Jan 1820Anderson County, TN I36635
16 FROST, Benjamin Franklin  1 Sep 1800Anderson County, TN I36676
17 FROST, Edward Benton Jr.  14 Jan 1804Anderson County, TN I34998
18 FROST, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Anderson County, TN I36628
19 FROST, Emily  Abt 1841Anderson County, TN I36630
20 FROST, George Washington  Abt 1829Anderson County, TN I36631
21 FROST, Gilbert Harold  10 Nov 1809Anderson County, TN I47019
22 FROST, John C.  3 Jul 1808Anderson County, TN I36460
23 FROST, Joseph Johnson  1 Mar 1819Anderson County, TN I36633
24 FROST, Joshua C.  Abt 1817Anderson County, TN I36459
25 FROST, Mary J.  Abt 1833Anderson County, TN I36627
26 FROST, Paul C.  Jun 1823Anderson County, TN I36461
27 FROST, Rachel  Abt 1806Anderson County, TN I36463
28 FROST, Rhoda  Abt 1831Anderson County, TN I36608
29 FROST, Roland Chiles  9 Dec 1804Anderson County, TN I36462
30 FROST, Sarah  2 Dec 1809Anderson County, TN I36855
31 FROST, Sarah Ann  Abt 1828Anderson County, TN I36464
32 FROST, Thomas Sr.  12 Apr 1806Anderson County, TN I36458
33 FROST, Thomas  Abt 1814Anderson County, TN I36420
34 FROST, Thomas  1814Anderson County, TN I47020
35 FROST, William Roberts  1802Anderson County, TN I34950
36 GARNER, Pleasant Henry Sr.  Abt 1809Anderson County, TN I36850
37 MARTIN, Alexander  7 Oct 1845Anderson County, TN I36653
38 MARTIN, Amanda E.  Abt 1870Anderson County, TN I36671
39 MARTIN, Charles L.  5 Dec 1862Anderson County, TN I36658
40 MARTIN, Clark Sr.  Abt 1833Anderson County, TN I36646
41 MARTIN, David M.  Abt 1865Anderson County, TN I36669
42 MARTIN, Edward  Abt 1869Anderson County, TN I36660
43 MARTIN, Elizabeth  Jan 1883Anderson County, TN I36663
44 MARTIN, Franklin  Abt 1867Anderson County, TN I36659
45 MARTIN, Henry R.  May 1894Anderson County, TN I36665
46 MARTIN, Hepey C. E.  Abt 1863Anderson County, TN I36668
47 MARTIN, John L.  Abt 1840Anderson County, TN I36652
48 MARTIN, Josephine  Abt 1867Anderson County, TN I36670
49 MARTIN, Martha A.  Abt 1859Anderson County, TN I36657
50 MARTIN, Mary A.  Abt 1856Anderson County, TN I36666

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, William  Bef Jun 1802Anderson County, TN I26399
2 CHILES, Anna  20 Mar 1853Anderson County, TN I36457
3 CHILES, Rowland Horsley Sr.  Abt 1825Anderson County, TN I16138
4 CHILES, Sarah  5 Dec 1915Anderson County, TN I36495
5 CHILES, William Micajah Sr.  24 Feb 1849Anderson County, TN I36441
6 CHILES, William Micajah Jr.  8 Nov 1917Anderson County, TN I36543
7 DAVIS, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1839Anderson County, TN I36489
8 DeARMOND, Drucilla  1 Apr 1851Anderson County, TN I36853
9 DUNCAN, Elijah  27 Aug 1897Anderson County, TN I36488
10 DUNCAN, Elizabeth Ann  1890Anderson County, TN I36482
11 DUNCAN, Jacob  19 Apr 1825Anderson County, TN I36487
12 DUNCAN, John R.  31 Mar 1898Anderson County, TN I36491
13 DUNCAN, Moses M. Sr.  16 Jan 1872Anderson County, TN I36481
14 FROST, Amelia  Abt 1852Anderson County, TN I35024
15 FROST, Mary  28 Apr 1825Anderson County, TN I36480
16 FROST, Nancy  Abt 1809Anderson County, TN I36554
17 FROST, Rachel  Aft 15 Jun 1880Anderson County, TN I36463
18 FROST, Samuel  Between 20 Aug 1836 and 3 Mar 1837Anderson County, TN I36637
19 FROST, Sarah  Aft 1830Anderson County, TN I35023
20 FROST, Thomas Sr.  1807Anderson County, TN I35018
21 GARNER, Pleasant Henry Sr.  Bef 25 Jun 1870Anderson County, TN I36850
22 HORTON, Elijah Walker  29 Jun 1928Anderson County, TN I36606
23 HORTON, Joe Smith  15 Jul 1937Anderson County, TN I36615
24 LOWE, Sarah  3 Sep 1906Anderson County, TN I36494
25 MARTIN, Alexander  5 Jan 1910Anderson County, TN I36653
26 MARTIN, Charles L.  12 Aug 1917Anderson County, TN I36658
27 MARTIN, Rufus B.  4 Feb 1922Anderson County, TN I36656
28 MARTIN, Samuel  27 Oct 1928Anderson County, TN I36655
29 NOLEN, Nancy  Anderson County, TN I36490
30 PEMBERTON, Mary A.  Aft 7 Jun 1880Anderson County, TN I36649
31 PORTWOOD, Micajah  Abt 1823Anderson County, TN I36431
32 PORTWOOD, Lt. Page Jr.  Jan 1847Anderson County, TN I16137
33 PORTWOOD, Rachel  Abt 1803Anderson County, TN I36434
34 PORTWOOD, Richard  22 Aug 1880Anderson County, TN I36435
35 SEIBER, Columbus J.  1832Anderson County, TN I36541


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FROST, Gilbert Harold  10 Nov 1810Anderson County, TN I47019


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CHILES, Sarah  5 Dec 1916Anderson County, TN I36495
2 FROST, Samuel  Bef 1 Jun 1840Anderson County, TN I36637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 FROST, Samuel  3 Mar 1837Anderson County, TN I36637
2 HENDERSON, Jesse  1 May 1871Anderson County, TN I36642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 FROST, Samuel  20 Aug 1836Anderson County, TN I36637
2 HENDERSON, Jesse  24 Jan 1866Anderson County, TN I36642


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AUSTIN / EDWARDS  17 Nov 1817Anderson County, TN F6516
2 BLACKWELL / PORTWOOD  24 Apr 1828Anderson County, TN F15790
3 DUNCAN / CHILES  28 Mar 1845Anderson County, TN F15772
4 DUNCAN / FROST  May 1814Anderson County, TN F15765
5 DUNCAN / LOWE  16 Jul 1839Anderson County, TN F15771
6 FROST / CHILES  16 Jul 1803Anderson County, TN F7216
7 FROST / PATTERSON  26 Feb 1818Anderson County, TN F15801
8 HENDERSON / FROST  10 Sep 1818Anderson County, TN F15848
9 HORTON / ADKINS  14 May 1876Anderson County, TN F15833
10 HORTON / FROST  14 Oct 1852Anderson County, TN F15821
11 MARTIN / BRAY  2 Dec 1899Anderson County, TN F15854
12 MARTIN / BURRIS  31 Jul 1843Anderson County, TN F15853
13 MARTIN / COKER  27 Jan 1839Anderson County, TN F15852
14 MARTIN / SMITH  30 Mar 1881Anderson County, TN F15855
15 SEIBER / FROST  1809Anderson County, TN F15764
16 SEIBER / WILKINS  30 Nov 1834Anderson County, TN F15799