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Shelby County, AL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ESTES, Amanda Ann  1857Shelby County, AL I26983
2 FROST, ---  15 Mar 1845Shelby County, AL I36874
3 FROST, Arrena Simpson  18 Feb 1840Shelby County, AL I36863
4 FROST, Benjamin H.  Sep 1836Shelby County, AL I36819
5 FROST, Benjamin Wilson  8 Jul 1846Shelby County, AL I36875
6 FROST, Catherine  Abt 1821Shelby County, AL I36810
7 FROST, Charles Schrider  29 Sep 1854Shelby County, AL I36869
8 FROST, Elizabeth W.  Abt 1822Shelby County, AL I36811
9 FROST, Hannah Caroline  2 Sep 1834Shelby County, AL I36861
10 FROST, Jehu Lake  Abt 1823Shelby County, AL I36813
11 FROST, Jesse  Abt 1822Shelby County, AL I36812
12 FROST, Jesse George  11 Sep 1850Shelby County, AL I36867
13 FROST, John Harless  14 Oct 1847Shelby County, AL I36865
14 FROST, Joshua Henry  9 Apr 1832Shelby County, AL I36860
15 FROST, Julianna Hannah  15 Oct 1820Shelby County, AL I36809
16 FROST, Lucretia  Abt 1838Shelby County, AL I36820
17 FROST, Lucretia Amanda  13 Apr 1852Shelby County, AL I36868
18 FROST, Margaret Ann  7 Sep 1833Shelby County, AL I36870
19 FROST, Martha Ann  14 Sep 1833Shelby County, AL I36818
20 FROST, Martha Jane  30 Oct 1842Shelby County, AL I36864
21 FROST, Mary Zilla  13 May 1849Shelby County, AL I36866
22 FROST, Matilda  Abt 1831Shelby County, AL I36817
23 FROST, Matilda Catherine  18 Sep 1835Shelby County, AL I36862
24 FROST, Paralee  1 Jan 1830Shelby County, AL I36816
25 FROST, Rachael Mary  Abt 1828Shelby County, AL I36815
26 FROST, Rachel Elizabeth  26 Apr 1837Shelby County, AL I36871
27 FROST, Susanna Charlotte Harrison  15 Jul 1841Shelby County, AL I36872
28 FROST, Thesa Lou  26 Jan 1844Shelby County, AL I36873
29 FROST, Thomas Arnold  Abt 1826Shelby County, AL I36814
30 FROST, Thomas Washington  26 Jan 1839Shelby County, AL I36876
31 HILL, Allen Lafayette  Abt 1839Shelby County, AL I36839
32 HILL, Benjamin Lamar  Abt 1841Shelby County, AL I36840
33 HILL, John  Abt 1848Shelby County, AL I36843
34 HILL, Martha F.  Abt 1853Shelby County, AL I36844
35 HILL, Mary Louisa  29 Mar 1836Shelby County, AL I36837
36 HILL, Samuel  Abt 1860Shelby County, AL I36846
37 HILL, Sarah Elizabeth  4 Feb 1846Shelby County, AL I36841
38 HILL, Walter  Abt 1856Shelby County, AL I36845
39 LATHAM, Susan  25 Oct 1822Shelby County, AL I26998
40 MARONEY, Isaac S.  Abt 1825Shelby County, AL I36895
41 MARONEY, Mary  Abt 1824Shelby County, AL I36894
42 MARONEY, Matilda  Abt 1818Shelby County, AL I36891
43 MARONEY, Rhoda Hannah  Abt 1821Shelby County, AL I36892
44 MARONEY, Thomas Frost  Abt 1823Shelby County, AL I36893
45 MERONEY, Emily  Abt 1819Shelby County, AL I36807
46 SAWYER, Robert Rushing  18 Nov 1849Shelby County, AL I32336
47 WYATT, David Young  24 Jul 1832Shelby County, AL I36838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYRAM, Alden  Aft 1 Jun 1880Shelby County, AL I36808
2 COATES, Frances  Abt 1870Shelby County, AL I46190
3 FROST, ---  15 Mar 1845Shelby County, AL I36874
4 FROST, Arrena Simpson  18 Jun 1905Shelby County, AL I36863
5 FROST, Benjamin Wilson  16 Dec 1864Shelby County, AL I36875
6 FROST, Charles Schrider  8 Dec 1938Shelby County, AL I36869
7 FROST, Hannah Caroline  20 Oct 1906Shelby County, AL I36861
8 FROST, Jesse  18 Apr 1880Shelby County, AL I36800
9 FROST, Jesse George  29 Apr 1930Shelby County, AL I36867
10 FROST, Joshua Henry  23 Nov 1911Shelby County, AL I36860
11 FROST, Lucretia Amanda  1 Jul 1866Shelby County, AL I36868
12 FROST, Margaret Ann  18 Jan 1912Shelby County, AL I36870
13 FROST, Martha Jane  19 Sep 1900Shelby County, AL I36864
14 FROST, Mary Zilla  9 Jan 1856Shelby County, AL I36866
15 FROST, Matilda Catherine  8 Aug 1926Shelby County, AL I36862
16 FROST, Rachel Elizabeth  20 Oct 1888Shelby County, AL I36871
17 FROST, Susanna Charlotte Harrison  15 Apr 1895Shelby County, AL I36872
18 FROST, Thesa Lou  30 Jan 1844Shelby County, AL I36873
19 HARLESS, Catherine  18 Apr 1898Shelby County, AL I36805
20 HILL, Mary Louisa  30 Mar 1897Shelby County, AL I36837
21 LINDSEY, David  Abt 1836Shelby County, AL I39872
22 MARONEY, Isaac  Abt 1818Shelby County, AL I36881
23 MERONEY, Mary  Aft 1 Jun 1880Shelby County, AL I36806
24 MERRELL, Amos Sr.  Abt 1869Shelby County, AL I46189
25 WILSON, Hannah  4 Jun 1839Shelby County, AL I16188
26 WYATT, David Young  31 Jul 1897Shelby County, AL I36838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FROST, Paralee  4 Jan 1830Shelby County, AL I36816
2 FROST, Paralee  4 Jan 1830Shelby County, AL I36816


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BYRAM / MERONEY  16 May 1821Shelby County, AL F15917
2 C / FROST  12 Jan 1854Shelby County, AL F15936
3 CROWSON / AYDELOTT  Abt 1829Shelby County, AL F15941
4 FROST / HARLESS  27 Jan 1831Shelby County, AL F15915
5 FROST / WHARTON  31 Aug 1845Shelby County, AL F15926
6 HILL / MERONEY  Abt 1836Shelby County, AL F15931
7 LINDSEY / MERRELL  10 Jun 1845Shelby County, AL F26887
8 LINZY / MERRILL  21 Mar 1846Shelby County, AL F26909